About US

Our Commitment

Heart’n Mind is more than a training company; we’re a beacon for heart-centered, transformative leadership. Our motto, “We train the heart of the leader,” reflects our commitment to holistic leadership development.

We firmly believe that a leader’s personal, emotional, and spiritual growth is essential for their effectiveness. By integrating modern research with timeless wisdom, our coaches, and consultants empower leaders with the tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of today’s workplace.

Our dedicated team is committed to helping you unlock your leader’s full potential. By focusing on heart coherence and emotional intelligence, we strive to cultivate powerful leaders who inspire, connect, and thrive. Our unwavering commitment is to support leaders on their journey to personal mastery, leadership excellence, and professional success.

I am more impactful in my work

Gabriel’s coaching has empowered me to show up authentically, unlocking my unique gifts and allowing me to operate from a place of genuine authenticity, compassion, and courage. As a result, I’ve found that I am more impactful in my interactions and collaborations. Whether engaging with young minds, working alongside my team, or leading other professionals, the authenticity and power that I’ve cultivated under his guidance have become invaluable assets.

I am grateful for the positive transformation that he has facilitated, and I highly recommend his coaching to anyone seeking to reconnect with their heart, unlock their true potential, and make a meaningful impact in their professional endeavors.

– Shammillah Wilson, The Inner Activist

Our Approach

We offer a holistic and heart-centered approach to leadership development, recognizing the crucial role of emotional and spiritual well-being in effective leadership. Our methods go beyond traditional skill-building, they tap into the power of empathy, emotional intelligence, and inner wisdom to transform leaders from the inside out.

We believe that true leadership isn’t just about authority or expertise, but about authenticity, connection, and the courage to lead powerfully with both heart and mind. By fostering these qualities, we help leaders create a positive, productive, and resilient work environment that resonates with employees on a deeper level.

Every leader and organization is unique, so our services are personalized to address individual challenges and goals. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from strategic planning and time management training to executive coaching and change management consulting, all imbued with our unique heart-centered approach.

At Heart’n Mind Consulting, we’re not just about immediate results — we’re about facilitating lasting change that resonates on an emotional and spiritual level. This approach helps organizations achieve improved business performance, from increased employee engagement and retention to enhanced adaptability and innovation, by aligning their operations with deeper, more meaningful values.

With Heart’n Mind Consulting, leaders don’t just grow — they evolve, tapping into their emotional and spiritual potential to become more authentic, connected leaders. In doing so, they unlock the potential within both themselves and their organizations, creating workplaces that thrive on positivity, productivity, and a deeper sense of purpose.

I know who I am as a leader

Gabriel’s impact on my leadership journey has been nothing short of profound. Through our collaboration, he played a pivotal role in helping me crystallize my greater vision as a leader. His coaching provided invaluable insights that allowed me to gain clarity on the specific impact I aim to make in the world.

His skillful guidance and strategic approach enabled me to articulate my vision in a way that resonates with authenticity and purpose. I now lead with a deep understanding of who I am as a leader and the profound transformations I aspire to facilitate for my clients. I am grateful for the clarity and direction that Gabriel’s coaching has brought to my leadership journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any leader or organization seeking to define their greater vision and impact.

– Brian Bachand, Evolution Coaching

What Sets Us Apart

At Heart’n Mind, we stand out as a beacon of transformative leadership in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape. Our unique approach to leadership development integrates timeless wisdom with cutting-edge strategies, fostering a holistic and heart-centered mindset.

What Sets Us Apart:

Heart’n Mind stands out in the consulting and training landscape because:

  • HeartMath Certification: As certified HeartMath providers, we bring the latest advancements in heart-based science to our coaching and training, offering a unique and transformative approach to leadership development.
  • Heart-Centric Philosophy: Our approach goes beyond the surface, diving into the core of leadership—the heart. We believe that leadership should resonate with sincerity and purpose, guided by the principles of Heart Coherence.
  • Transformative Leadership: We don’t just aim for skill development; we aim for transformation through the integration of Heart Coherence principles, fostering a state of balance and alignment.
  • Tailored Heart Training: Understanding that leadership is a personal journey, we customize our solutions to align with your unique leadership aspirations and challenges, integrating the principles of Heart Coherence.

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Heart’n Mind:

In an era where leadership requires a delicate balance of competence and compassion, Heart’n Mind stands as your partner for holistic leadership development. If you’re ready to cultivate a culture of inspired leadership, foster emotional intelligence, and lead with both heart and mind, we invite you to explore our services.

Or, contact us today to explore how we can be your catalyst for transformative leadership and organizational success. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Would you like to nurture and grow the heart of your leaders?